Medication Management

nurse assisting senior woman

Did you know that improper medication management at home is one of the leading causes of frequent re-hospitalization? Incorrect dosage, taking the wrong medicines, quitting medicine use without a doctor’s advice are just few samples of improper medicine management. Medicine management is a serious business, a small lapse could result in health risks and life-threatening results.

That is why it is essential to have a skilled nurse or health aid to help your loved ones in their medicine management at home. You can expect the following services from our registered nurses:

  • Coordination with pharmacy regarding prescription filling
  • Management and administration of medicines at the right route, dose, and time.
  • Medicine management health education.
  • Monitoring of reactions to the medicines taken.

We’ll help review all the medicines you have and ensure that there are no dangerous drug interactions between them. Call us today to inquire further about this service.