Occupational Therapy

caregiver assisting old man

Boston Home Care can provide you with excellent occupational therapy services right at your home. Our pool of therapists can render a wide range of services to assist people of various age groups to do things through therapeutic use of daily activities. Through our program, you can expect to benefit from a comprehensive evaluation of your unique needs and see how it fits well to your immediate environment. Our occupational therapist will provide you with the necessary recommendation so you easily adapt in your surrounding through the use of equipment and further training.

That is why, whether it is your child who needs help to fully participate in school and social activities or your spouse who is debilitated from an accident, or it could be your senior parent who is suffering from cognitive changes and physical limitations, our occupational therapists will assist your family with the holistic approach to rehabilitation. Further, our therapist will make sure that you become an active participant in the therapy sessions being rendered. These are the services you can expect from Boston Home Care:

  • Customized assessment of needs
  • Comprehensive consultation of your goals
  • Interventions tailored fit to your needs and your environmental condition
  • Regular evaluation to check progress and necessary changes to meet goals

If you have queries regarding the occupational services that we offer, you can get in touch with us.