Psych Services

caregiver and the old man sitting on the sofa

We take pride in our diverse psychiatric and psychological professionals who have strengthened this aspect of our business. Boston Home Care’s Psych services are delivered by psychologists, licensed social workers, professional clinical counselors, educators and therapists who have masters or doctoral degrees on their caps. This assures you that you are in good hands when you receive psych services from us right at your home.

We train our staff to be efficient in managing the common conditions such as depression and anxiety. Our psychological counseling and psychiatric services will enable you to find the right coping mechanisms so all your personal problems are addressed and managed in the best possible way. Aside from depression and anxiety, we also provide treatment for family issues, crisis intervention, food and body image concerns, alcohol/drug dependence, life crisis, and all other issues which are bothering you.

You can always trust that Boston Home Care professionals are going to extend a high degree of secrecy through our patient-professional privilege communication practice. Your issues are treated with utmost confidentiality.